Leonard Anderson Jr.

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Leonard Anderson

Leonard Anderson Jr. is an author, poet, lyricist, playwright and a native Philadelphian. Leonard writes in several genres including Children's Books. Leonard's first children's book was entitled "I'm So Hungry" and was crafted by hand in 2004. Leonard's love for this genre was rekindled after a recent visit with his granddaughter. She was so engaged with her electronic game that the true reason for the visit never occurred which was to spend quality time together. Leonard decided reading books together could create that bonding time while developing his granddaughters reading skills. We must take the pressure off the teachers by preparing our children for school prior to them entering the system.

Leonard has created most of his children's books in multiple formats including print, and Kindle or eBook. The books are also available in audio book and audio CD's to handle the demands of todays fast pace world.


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