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My name is Kevin Anders and I am The Spy King. Follow me, Eagle 1, Red Ranger 2, and the rest of our team on a series of adventures solving many types of cases.

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  • The Case of the Elusive Easter Bunny
  • The Case of the Halloween Scarecrow
  • The Case of the Sunken Treasure
  • Recommended for Ages 8 and Up

    SPY KING & SPY QUEEN: Save Christmas
    Volume 6

    Dr. Mallo escapes K.A.A.C (Kid Agents Against Crime) forces once again. She’s now about to carry out her most sinister plan ever which is stopping Christmas.

    Will Commander Terri, Spy King and Spy Queen be able to stop the evil scientist? Or will the hopes and dreams of little boys and girls around the world be ruined?

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    A member of the Spy King and Spy Queen Teams were captured by Dr. Marsha Mallo. Commander Terri follows a tracking device activated by Ashley. When K.A.A.C (Kid Agents Against Crime) arrives, Dr. Mallo and her entire organization have vanished. Commander Terri brings the remaining members of both teams together. Their mission is to save Spy King and Ashley, and to foil Dr. Mallo's plot to make all girls and women shoes the same color and style.

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    One of Kevin’s favorite pastimes is watching television with his father on the weekends. His father would not allow anything to interfere with their time unless it was an absolute emergency. They would have a large bowl of popcorn, pretzels, and hot dogs and a glass of apple or orange juice. Sometimes they ordered pizzas, hamburgers, cheese steaks, and every once in a while a soda. Their favorite movies are westerns and spies. Kevin enjoyed the good guys beating the bad guys in the westerns. But Kevin became even more fascinated with the spies and their gadgets. He often spoke of becoming a spy once he grew up. Once he became a safety and received his badge, the Spy King was born.

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    The Case of The Colossal Chocolate Conspiracy

    Chocolate companies around the globe have been burglarized. Flying Saucers were spotted near the equator. The Spy King has mysteriously disappeared.

    Was it foul play? What will the world do without its favorite kid spy? Who will K.A.A.C (Kid Agents Against Crime) assign to this baffling case? Who is the mastermind behind it all?

    Join us now as we follow “The Case of the Colossal Chocolate Conspiracy.”

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